Note: this project is not being actively developed.

Features What Hippyvm can do



HippyVM on average is 7.3x faster than stock PHP and 2x faster than Facebook's HHVM. Please check our benchmarks.



HippyVM is aimed at being 100% compatible with Zend PHP



PyPy proven technology guarantees high levels of stability


Python Bridge

coming soon: a bridge to call Python from PHP

PerformanceHow fast is HippyVM (lower is better)

Relative speedup vs PHP, lower is better, normalized to Zend PHP 5.5.0

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About us

HippyVM is an implementation of the PHP language using PyPy technology. It started off as a research project by Maciej Fijałkowski for Facebook, and was later expanded. As of now, it contains a reasonably fast and complete implementation of core the PHP language, including implementation of many PHP's builtin modules (though not all, yet). At present it does not include a reasonable web server integration, so it's not usable for use in production in the current form.

HippyVM is being developed by Baroque Software, experts in the area of virtual machines.

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